The Oehm Group

The Oehm Group has been providing consulting services to support the business operations of School Districts for over 20 years. We maintain the largest, most comprehensive database of operations benchmarks and human resources data in the industry.

Our Services include:

•  Human Resource Consulting

Review, develop and implement salary structures; perform salary and benefits surveys; analyze

organizational structures and related operations; develop performance evaluation systems; evaluate

performance pay options; perform job classification studies to equate internal and external equity of

positions, and develop job descriptions.

•  Performance or Management Audits

Perform operational audits of virtually all of the business and support functions of a school district

including: transportation, facilities maintenance, custodial services, human resources, information

technology, purchasing, warehousing, etc., seeking operational improvements and customer satisfaction.

•  Benchmark Comparisons/KPI

Conduct annual benchmarking surveys for participating districts in transportation services and facilities

maintenance—building maintenance, custodial and grounds. These surveys include demographic and cost

comparisons of various measures per square foot, per pupil or percent of general fund expenditures. They

also include identified areas for best practices. We have conducted these annual surveys for over 20 years.

•  Contract Management

Analyze Business needs, prepare RFP’s and negotiate contracts for a number of districts and recreational

districts. Manage day to day service contract to ensure vendors adherence to agreements, appropriate issue resolution and order fulfillment. We currently manage the beverage contracts for three major districts.

•  Business Analysis and Modeling

Use a business modeling approach to evaluate district systems or programs. A series of meetings with

subject matter experts is used to map processes or activities using computer software tools to prepare

understandable, visual displays for use in analyzing, costing, re-engineering or modifying business or

program processes. The modeling is driven by client identified outcome goals or objectives.

•  Systems Implementation and Project Management

Perform project management and technology consulting for systems integration, implementation and needs

analysis. We have performed these services for large and small systems for public and private businesses

and governmental agencies of all sizes.